Submitted by Tommy Galan

tommy galan is a husband and father, and the author of, a blog dedicated to designing happy lives through exciting goals and healthy lifestyle. a few of his many adventures include performing on broadway, earning a juris doctorate, finishing marathons, and traveling the world.

Here are Tommy's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Breathe and relax.
At the most stressful times in life, take a moment to remember the basics and start with breathing deep and slow. We can live for weeks without food - and days without water - but only minutes without air. Focus on breathing and relax. Life is really just many small components that when handled one by one are not as overwhelming.

2.) Live an exciting life.
Boredom is the number one enemy. Move as much as possible, and always towards that which is exciting. Feel alive and healthy. Run, bike, swim, climb, or whatever movement you enjoy the most. Make your heartbeat faster and your mind dance with imagination and fun.

3.) Reflect and be grateful.
Realize that you are not a being in a universe. Rather, you are an inseparable part of the universe. You are the part that is conscious - that can make decisions and choices that guide the direction of your journey. Reflect on this, and be grateful for the fortune that has found you along this journey. Whether it’s a baby’s smile, a hug from a spouse, or a good meal with friends, be constantly thankful to have your experiences.

4.) Love and laugh, as much as possible.
Be kind to everyone, as we are all connected as parts of the whole. Smile often. Know how you feel love and what makes you laugh, and then place yourself in those experiences whenever you can. Surround yourself with positive family and friends and feed off of their energy. Be lighthearted and don’t take anything too seriously, especially yourself.

5.) Think and act, both big and small.
Set unrealistic goals for yourself so that you are inspired, motivated, and committed to the experience of achieving your goals. Run marathons, start businesses, and find personal wealth. Along the way, care for children and animals. Help the smallest and weakest. Donate a dollar or a million dollars or your time. See the big picture, and smell the smallest flowers. Recognize that our universe is filled with massive planets and the smallest molecules, and that there is abundant room for everything.

Tommy currently resides in New York City.