Submitted by Lauren C.

lauren c. works at a large foundation while pursuing a graduate degree in international affairs. she tries to practice yoga and gratitude on a regular basis. she is also the author of the blog everyday revelry.

Here are Lauren's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Choose happiness.
It will not come find you and you won't stumble upon it. Choose happiness today and choose it again every new day. Find joy in the little things, practice profound gratitude, and make a commitment to contentment.

2.) Surround yourself with the people and things you love.
If it is no longer useful to you - whether it is a failing relationship or a dust-collecting tchotchke - get rid of it. Create room in your life for things that nourish, support, motivate, and inspire you.

3.) Make yourself a priority.
Schedule "me time". You wouldn't break a date with someone else, so don't do it to yourself either. Get a massage, eat healthy foods, exercise, take yourself on a date, sleep in, soak in a bubble bath, take a yoga class, say no.

4.) Take pictures.
Years from now you will be glad you captured the smile on your child's face just before she blew out her birthday candles or the way the light draped over the lake on your summer vacation.

5.) Write it down.
Whether it is writing a letter, journaling, creating a new blog, or finally getting to that novel you've been putting off, get it all down. Share your story. Use your voice. Be heard.

Lauren currently resides in Arlington, Virginia.