Submitted by Charlie McGarrity

charlie mcgarrity is "50-something" and works for the health service. he lives on a farm with his dog and guitar and thinks it is easier to write his rules than to always live by them.

Here are Charlie's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Be who you can be.
- Be honest with yourself.
- Reach out to others and let others reach out to you.
- Have dreams then pursue them.
- Accept failure, just not for long. But it’s ok to rest awhile.
- You are body, mind and spirit - cultivate all three.
- What touches your heart, touches your heart.
- Tears come with laughter as well as sorrow - so the joke’s on us.
- Life teaches us but you have to take notes.
- Friends will sometimes walk with you, but you're on the road alone.
- Enjoy the journey.

2.) Be where you should be.
- Be in the right place.
- Be with the right people.
- Be with those you love; especially be with those you love.

3.) Be there when you should be there.
- Be on time.
- Be aware of when you are needed.
- Be a player not a spectator.
- Count the ways you can be with someone and keep counting.

4.) Be prepared to change.
- What works today will not always work tomorrow.
- The universe expands, life evolves, so must you.
- There is a 6th rule.

5.) Be prepared to live until you die.
- The journey doesn't end but one day you'll run out of road.
- Round the corner is another corner.
- Running towards death doesn't get you there sooner but you will travel further.

Charlie currently resides in the northeast of England.