Submitted by Laura Simms

laura simms is the coach at "create as folk", where she works with creatives to accelerate their careers, and helps emerging creatives find their calling. she is also an actor. you can learn more here.

Here are Laura's "Five Rules For Life":

1.) Let Bartlet Be Bartlet.
Ah, life lessons from The West Wing. Translated: Do things your own way in your own style. Quit fussing with strategy, and just do it the way it comes to you. No apologies.

2.) Give thanks.
Gratitude is the ultimate antidote to sadness and fear. Say thank you freely and frequently.

3.) Talk to the animals.
An animal can relate to you in ways no human can. Make friends with critters. Talk to them. Learn to listen to them.

4.) Visit your oasis.
Everyone needs a secret hideout, a getaway, a retreat. Whether it's your bed, your garden, or the beach, spend time in the place that recharges you.

5.) Get twitterpated.
You have things that make you buzz from the inside. It might be live music, watching otters, travel, or planning surprises. Find these things and do them often.

Laura currently resides in Los Angeles, California.