Submitted by Andy Hayes

andy hayes is known as ‘that travel guy.’ he’s a small business coach, founder of a network of travel and tourism websites, and a world traveler himself. follow him on twitter, @andrewghayes.

Here are Andy’s “Five Rules For Life”:

1.) Get clear on your why.
There are a lot of things in this world that we use to “define” ourselves. Often it is our career. For others it is where we live or the friends we keep. Maybe for you it is how you dress. And if those things are so important reflections of yourself, why did you make those choices? It doesn’t matter whether you choose to live minimalist or whether you choose to be an entrepreneur or whether you have pink hair. But why?

2.) Breathe.
Do it, right now – take a deep breath, down to the core of your stomach. Now, isn’t that much better? So many of us are in such a rush we forget to breathe. We need oxygen, and we need it deep. Bonus points if you’re smiling while you do it.

3.) Get to know your gut.
Speaking of breathing deep, that thing down there, it’s your gut. Your flinching instinct. It’s usually right – but you knew that. What you probably are having a hard time with is listening to it – what’s it trying to tell you. Spend some time listening. You’ll learn what it is saying, if you listen long enough.

4.) Find someone you trust.
You can’t do it alone. It doesn’t matter what “it” is – live, life, love, relationships…. sometimes you need the external perspective, the proverbial slap in the face. Other times you just need someone to share whatever you’re experiencing. It’s hard to know who to trust. But try to find them – and once you do, nurture your relationship with them. They’re worth more than gold.

5.) Try it.
I’ve given this advice more times than I could ever count, and it is advice I could take myself more often. There are so many cliché quotes about regretting not what we did but what we didn’t do, but the reason there are so many is because we’re all afraid, and we need to push past that to really get somewhere. As Melissa Etheridge says, “Our power ends precisely where our fear begins.”

Andy currently resides in Seattle, Washington.